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Stardate: really fucking early I don’t know.

Quest for Gelato is still a failure.

Also out of dick pics.

Edited this today for my babies ♡

Edited this today for my babies ♡

I figured family stuck by you through thick and thin right? They love you no matter what and they never desire to do you wrong.

At least that’s how my family portrayed themselves. The good Christian family that worships the ‘Lord’ and goes to church on schedule.

So why is it they do my mother and I dirty? They treat her like shit man.. Never believing her even though I know she’s not lying. We left a house that was in my name, my fresh start to try and be independent, to come and be belittled on the daily? I’m not complaining about taking care of my step grandmother. The last two years wasn’t wasted in that, she couldn’t help it. But now that she’s passed away.. Why tf are we here still? It’s like.. I start working and getting a decent paycheck. I try to do right. But my family just.. Why do we bother? My grandpa just makes my mom feel worthless and no, that’s not me.. but that’s my mom. The only person who has always loved me and accepted me, mistakes and all. So why is it that the kindest most humble woman I know is treated like dirt?

I just want to leave and I feel like I can’t get out. I’ve tried so hard to better our lives and we’re just drowning.


No chill at all


No chill at all

*has emotional breakdown choosing what to eat at a restaurant*

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Love isn’t fickle. Humans are.

How I wish I was worth fighting for.

Tfw you cry yourself to sleepy almost every night same.

I need a hand with this worrisome heart.


Bacchus and unattached hair made my day bye